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Discussion created by Michael Dawson on Jul 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2006 by Scott Mauer
I need a little help here...
I purchased USP TAP and downloaded driver for DSP56F803 chip.
The USB TAP shows up in the Remote Debugging Connections list.
I compiled and download the program, and it all seemed to work.
However, it did not program the flash and although the debug controls work, there is no valid code to execute.
Ive read the USB TAP Users Guide till I'm blue in the face. I;ve gone over the Debugger section in the DSP65F800 Users Manual.
The question is "What is not set right?" or "What am I doing wrong?"
This shouldbe plug and play - the technology is here folks.
I still cannot figure out how to set the debug port clock frequency. There is no real reference to it anywhere. The closest thing is JTAG Clock Speed.
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