Bareboard K40 Project: "No source available for "0x0001BB40 (0x0001BB40)() "

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Okay, I admit it: I'm new to Freescale's Tower system and the K40x256 -- and I'm having a lot of fun!

So here's the thing that confusing me...

I create, build and run a plain vanilla bareboard project using the CW10.2 IDE. It's straightforward: give the project a name, choose the PK40X256 device, leave the USB MultiLink connection selected, leave the language set to C/Software, choose "Device Initialization" in the RAD panel, and I'm done. Build, debug, hit the default startup breakpoint on 'main', then hit 'Resume'.

After a few micromoments I see that Thread 0 has halted. Here's a screen shot: 22-ScreenShot20120518at1.43.38PM.png

I can hit 'Resume' at this point, but I'm confused as to what this is trying to tell me.

Further, when I put a simple LED toggling code in the loop:

for(;;) {
if (counter > 100000) {
GPIOC_PTOR = LED_E1_LOC; // Toggle the LED
counter = 0;

the LED does not blink: it, along with the other three touchpad LEDs just stays on.

Interestingly, if I 'Step' through the loop using the following code:

for(;;) {
GPIOC_PTOR = LED_E1_LOC; // Toggle the LED

then the LED toggles as expected (with the other LEDs remaining off) and I do not see the thread stoppage.

Thoughts on this?