John Hood

Major problem with TWR_LCD !!!

Discussion created by John Hood on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by Luis Casado

I'm using the TWR-LCD module with the 16 bit flexbus interface.


The problem is that the LCD module is killing the SPI interface!


If SW1-3 is set to ON...    the 74LCX244MTCX drives the MISO pin on the elevator connectors killing all SPI devices besides the screen!


If SW1-3 is set to OFF....  the NL27WZ125  disconnects FB_AD16 from DC on the LCD making the 16 bit interface unusable!



Should the module really connect the MISO line directly to the output of the 74LCX244MTCX?   It basically makes the SPI bus not work at all for anything besides the screen... that's not very useful!