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Discussion created by michael rushton on Jul 18, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2006 by Daniel Malik
I am attempting to program a S12xDP512 using CW 4.5 and P&E multilink.
The program is just the default one generated by the CW new project wizard.
The debugger reports the following message box
"Error while loading diagnostic algorhythm to target system..."
and the command line reports
"FP: Begin writing Info applet code.
-put_data_byte_block(2000..205B) [92] (in 15 ms)
-write_data_byte(205C..205C) [1] => 00
-get_data_byte_block(1F00..20FF) [512] (in 31 ms)
FP: Applet readback error.
FP: Could not write Info applet."
The flash gets writtten but not the reset vector
I have tested on another processor. The difference between the two is
Working device  - S12XDP512 112 pin 5v
Non working       - S12XDP512 144 pin 3.3v
The problem has occurred on 3 boards using the 144 pin 3.3v system, so I'm hoping it's not bad devices!
Does anyone have suggestion on where to go from here?