Jack Haller

TWR-K60N512 keil 4.5 IDE PEmicro OSJTAG does not run reall time per Freescal Kinetis Lab.pdf

Discussion created by Jack Haller on Mar 29, 2012
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I did not see a similar post on this in the forum so here we go-

I was working thru the "Freescale Kinetis lab.pdf" Using TWR-K60N512 and flashing/debugging thru PE MICRO OSJTAG.

Using Keil 4.5.0 I ran the c:\keil\Boards\Freescale\Blinky program. It downloads and runs fine. However, during debugging realtime updating of certain variables (ie 'num' variable, defined statically defined from the symbol window with View/Periodic Window Update checked) does not really update real time.

Does anyone know the cause of this discrepancy? I was suspecting OSJTAG is not capable of realtime updating? I have a Segger J-link in hand and a 100mil->50mil cortex debug adapter on order so perhaps that will take care of this?