Hassane El-Khoury

I2C communication for the HC08AP64 Mico

Discussion created by Hassane El-Khoury on Jul 17, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2008 by Jim Donelson
I just started working with the HC08 micros, from the HC12. I am trying to set up the I2C communication for the HC08AP64, without any success so far. All Application notes show the I2C communication using 2 general I/O pins.
I am using codewarrier, and coding in C. I have made the I2C routines from scratch and used the device initialization as well, both yielding the same results. I checked the outputs (data and clock) using a scope, and both lines are dead. No output being sent. The module is Enabled.
Does anyone have a code snippet I can use, even for another HC08 micro which I can use to direct me?
I am using the HC08AP64 demo board with a P&E USB MON08 programmer.
Any input is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,