Kamil Kratky

Programming of MC68HC908MR32

Discussion created by Kamil Kratky on Jul 14, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2006 by Shannon Roberts
I tried to program the HC908MR32 through a Monitor ROM. I made a connection according to the processors' datasheet (buffer and level-shifter for connection with ordinary PC), it works, but there's a one problem:
What's the secutiry code (8 security bytes) for a new chip?
I tried 8 times 0xFF, but it didn't work (processor should return 10 consecutive 0x00). There is described some way in the datasheet, how to erase security bytes, but it needs to download some program into RAM, what I don't know how to make without previous communication with the processor.
Doesn't somebody have some experiencies with programming Motorola in this mode?
Thanks a lot