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Problem with Codewarrior USB TAP

Discussion created by Lars Beerbaum on Jul 14, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2006 by Ammos Support

Perhabs somebody can help with my problem.

I am using the USB TAP with the Codewarrior for 56800/E DSC v7.3 + ROHS USB TAP update. All worked fine at the beginning. But now i get an error message, when i want to start debugging. CCS Cable disconnected. I checked the cable accurately and everything is correct. Also i do not change something at the hardware side.
I made a log with the CSS tool:

received CMD_CONFIG_CHAIN. count = 0
command done - Ok
Connection #1 accepted from localhost at Fri Jul 14 08:51:01 2006 Received CMD_CHECK_MIN_VERSION command done - Ok Received CMD_AVAILABLE_CONNECTIONS command done - Ok Received CMD_DELETE_CC command done - Ok Received CMD_SETUP_CC.CC = utap: command done - Ok Received CMD_CONFIG_CHAIN. count = 1
core 0: HawkV2
0: USB TAP (JTAG) (utap: ) Loader software ver. {1.0}
Sending code to USB TAP - please wait
Received an unknown command 46
USB TAP command done - Ok
USB TAP command done - Ok
USB TAP command done - Cable disconnected
Received CMD_CONFIG_CHAIN. count = 0
USB TAP command done - Ok

I deinstalled Codewarrior and installed it again, but nothing changed.
Does someone have an ideas what could be the issue with the USB TAP.

Thanks for your help