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eGUI Console TWR K60N512 with TWR-LCD

Discussion created by Thomas Forck on Feb 15, 2012


I have a TWR-K-60N512 with a TWR LCD.

I´m using the console of the eGUI.


has someone working the funktion (void) D4D_CnslGoToXY(&scrMain_Cons, cursor_position); correctly ?

In my application the cursor is always shown on a wrong position.

The cursor is always shown on the correct line(y-position), but not on the correct character (x-position)

When I put the cursor to a special position with

the command

cursor_position.x = 1;
cursor_position.y = 2;
(void) D4D_CnslGoToXY(&scrMain_Cons, cursor_position);


The cursor is displayed at the last position of the correct line.

After that I insert a character with the command:

(void)D4D_CnslPutString(&scrMain_Cons, "X");

The "X" is on position  1 in line 2, but the cursor is showen at the end of the line.

I tested this with the last and an old eGUI.


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