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HCS08: STOP1 mode

Discussion created by User Mar on Jul 13, 2006
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this is the problem.
I put in STOP1 mode HCS08. If I put it debugging (InDart tool) is all ok; program go to STOP instruction and say that MCU is in STOP mode.
If I run the same program without debugger, after STOP instruction, MNCU reset itself and begin again ....
Please note:
Watchdog (COP) is disable
RTI is disable
STOPE is enable.
LVD is disable in stop mode
Reset pin is disasble and external pull up tu VDD.
At startup I read SRS and SPMSC2 PDF bit.
I read, that MCU exit from a STOP1 as expected and the RESET was a power on reset !!!!!
Please, help me: I don't know the reason of this Power on reset after STOP1.