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[SOLVED -- backwards elevators] Different board, same code, GPIOs aren't working anymore.

Discussion created by MikeN MikeN on Jan 16, 2012
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So, today I was working with the TWR-K40X256 tower, and I was scoping out a GPIO and the signal/timing looked great.  I got up from my desk and must have gotten the USB cord caught on something.  Down the tower goes and snaps off the USB header taking some traces with it :(((  Luckily I have another one.  Slide the controller board in, and load the code and suddenly my GPIOs aren't toggling any more.  So, I grabbed the elevators and peripheral card from my new tower kit.  Still nothing.


2nd tower kit was brand new out the package and onto my desk.  Static bag still had stickers on it.


Any ideas?  Is this a common problem?


My GPIO initialization looks like:




// where N has been 0, 5, and 28 on port E



// where N has been 0, 5, and 28 on port E

GPIOE_PDDR |= (1<<N); 


I'm hitting GPIOE_PSOR, and GPIOE_PCOR to switch on and off.


Thanks much!!