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[SOLVED] Programming of the internal flash of Kinetis K70 (on TWR-K70F120M)

Discussion created by Alexander Potashev on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by martinpi

Hi all,


I need to program Srec images into the K70's internal flash. When I worked with K60N512, I used CodeWarrior to program the internal flash (create a "bareboard project", open the "Target Tasks" view a create a flash programming task), so it worked well.


But with K70, I did not manage to make CodeWarrior to program the internal flash. Since the K70 is not supported by the standard CodeWarrior for Kinetis v10.1, I installed the "Kinetis 120MHz Service Pack (Win)" from

After I installed this Service Pack, I am not even able to create "Bareboard projects" for any Kinetis MCUs (for example K60) - when I click "Finish", nothing happens. Also, when I try to create a "Bareboard project", there is no "K70 Family" in the list of the MCU to choose from.


My questions are:

1. Is there an alternative to CodeWarrior for programming pre-built images into the internal flash of K70?

2. How to make CodeWarrior program the internal flash?


P.S.  I tried to report this possible CodeWarrior bug to the Freescale Support, but I could not submit the bug report because of an "Unexpected Error" on the Freescale Support website.