CAN BUS K70 Tower

Discussion created by LANCO_M4 on Dec 29, 2011

I am attempting to get the MQX CAN example up and running on my K70 tower kit. The serial board seems to route the CAN signals through B41 & B42, but on the K70 board schematic  there are two resistors that are marked "DNP" R22& R23.  On the K70 board  I have one of them is populated R23. I looked over the schematic for the K70 board and it appears that there is an option to use either the NAND flash or the CAN thru PTC16 & PTC17 via which resistors are populated. R22 & R23(CAN) OR R342 & R343 (NAND)


Has anyone else come across this? Am I looking at this correctly? I looked at the user guide for the K70 module but I didn't see anything listed for this.