Kalpesh Pandit

TWR-K40X256 USB -MSD-HOST bootloader modifications

Discussion created by Kalpesh Pandit on Dec 15, 2011

Hi Guys,


I m using TWR-K40X256. I want to build the bootloader code for a new product development.

K40 tower kit is coming with bootloader loaded in it. I also have the source and AN for the same. The links are 


This is a basic post application. I want to modify it as per product's need. I am new to CW10.1

I want to reprogram the bootloader sw and not just the application code. How can I do it? We have Flash programmer in CW10.1 but need some support on how to use it. While editing the task configuration I want to make sure that only bootloader is reprogrammed and not the application in it. I want to install, modify and debug the bootloader software and the go for application. 

Is there any way that we can reprogram the original tower kit bootloader and application code on the kit.


Kindly reply with your suggestions.