Zi Sang

Help! A problem about porting the linux kernel 3.04 on TWR-MPC5125

Discussion created by Zi Sang on Dec 6, 2011

I am a new user of the board TWR-MPC5125 made by freescale. Now I am trying to porting the new kernel, i.e. the version 3.0.4, to this board. I have porting the serial driver and the nand flash driver successfully. And I can also mount the root file system. But I can not use the ether net interface. I have try to port the ether net driver. And I find that I can send packages out if I use the "ping" command. But I can not receive any package for responding. I don't know why.

Can anyone help me ? I have tried my effort for about a month. But no result. So tired.


B.T.W. : The hardware is good enough because I can use the ether net interface in u-boot and if using the kernel provided by freescale. Moreover, the u-boot is also good and I have not change it. So the ether net pins are configured correctly. I think there must be something wrong about the driver. But I can not find it.