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TWR-SER USB Peripherial

Discussion created by Oscar Rozo on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by Oscar Rozo

Hello, I want to use the TWR-SER's USB port to send data from my TWRMCF51CN128CLK. I have configured the I2C protocol using the Processor Expert, so the main functions like send or receive data are alredy implemented. The real problem is that when I plug the USB cable between the PC's USB port an TWR-SER's USB port, the PC doesn't recognize the device. I mean, I expected to hear sound like when you insert a plug and play device, just to be sure that the USB cable had been plugged in and the device is recognized.


I have used the TWR-SER with all the jumpers in the "default" mode, also those jumpers of the TWR-MCF51CN.


Initially I want to use it with Hyperterminal ie sending just a character... but I'm very confused. Does any one try to do something like that?