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Cannot connect to my new TWR-K60N512-KIT

Discussion created by Michael Connors on Nov 29, 2011
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I have just got one of these kits, but I am completely new to embedded development and a bit confused about getting started.


I have built the kit, added the battery and plugged in the USB (on the main board) which powers it. I was under the impression that this USB connection would also allow me to communicate with the board, so I have no serial cable plugged in, although their is a serial port on the Ethernet board.


I have installed CodeWarrior under Windows 7, and the re-badged Eclipse version under Ubuntu, but I have not manage to run anything on either of them.


Part of the problem hear might be that I am not really an IDE person, and have a tendency to be confused by them.


On Windows, I also have something called P and E Micro Kinetis Tower Toolkit. It provides tools called "serial redirector", "terminal" and "accelerometer". When I try to use any of these tools, it tells me to plug in my board.


"Failed to open Multilink USB". Pluf Demo board into PC via USB cable."


Could anyone tell me what I al doing wrong here?


Or better still point me to a tutorial where I can get started without an IDE. Any information on cross-compiling a hello world example with GCC and is there a command line utility I can use to load it onto the board?