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CW HCS08 SE 5.0 linker bug?

Question asked by Michael Huslig on Jul 7, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2006 by Michael Huslig
I have an assembler only HCS08GB60 project with 18 *.asm files.  I set the .prm file so that, I believe, the Smart linking is turned off.
One of the files near the middle of the link order is having problems.  Everything assembles and links without generating error messages.  However, inspection of the generated binary from this file, either in the .abs.s19 file or in the debugger, shows that the JSR instructions have incorrect destination addresses.  The other linked files don't seem to have a problem and I don't see anything different in the structure of the different .asm files.
Anyone see something like this before?
Is there a way to generate a complete ".abs.lst" file that has all the files linked?