QG8 vectors redirection

Discussion created by Yvan BOURNE on Jul 7, 2006
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I have a problem with the vectors redirection on a QG8.
I can view all the memory dump trough BDM and it seems ok (bootloader code, RESET vector, app code and others vectors redirected).
The load is ok, the jump to the start of the app too, but when an IT appears, the QG8 seems to go away and doesn't execute the ISR...
For my test, I' ve just added to my app an infinite loop with a pin toggle. Without EnableInterrupts, the bit toggle. The loop written after the EnableInterrupts is never executed :smileysad:
The NVPROT is 0xFD (block protected from 0xFE00) and the bit FNORED in the NVOPT register is 0x82 (vectors redirection enables, unsecured).
Thanks for your help.
PS : this is not my first bootloader, I've already written several for AB, AP, KX and even GB32 (with vectors redirection, but with a different NVPROT format register...)

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