DWARF debug info missing

Discussion created by ROB LUND on Jul 6, 2006
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I just got this warning recently:

Warning : C1805: Non standard conversion used

flash.c line 139

L1923: File \project_Data\Standard\ObjectCode\main.c.o
has no DWARF debug info

Without the DWARF stuff, you can't step through code.

All I did was change some source code. I wasn't even messing with the project settings. As a test, I took another working project, copied all my current source from the problem project into the working. It compiles without this DWARF warning.

I tried comparing all the ini files between the two projects but didn't see anything jump out at me.

For now, I'm just going to use that working project's stationary and start over. But anyone have any ideas how to prevent this in the future?

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