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Flash tool for HCS08?

Discussion created by Ralph Beck on Jul 6, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2006 by Ralph Beck
I'm working on a project with the QG8. My part is the firmware and the circuit next to the QG8. I have a QG8-Demoboard and a USB-Multilink. I'm able to program and debug with CW5 without bigger problems. But there are more people working on this project and they want to flash the QG8 themselves with a USB-Multilink if I have a new firmware version. Since they are hardware specialists with little PC experience they do not want to use CW5.0 as they only need the flash function. Is there a free software tool that only flashes a QG8 via the USB-BDM? The expert mode programmer "PROGHCS08" as it is included in CW5.0 would be pretty ok, but I don't find a possibility to start only the PROGHCS08" without CW5.0.
Many thanks in advance for your info!
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