Eric Deng

CW7.3 + Parallel JTAG + 8013 DEMO Board

Discussion created by Eric Deng on Jul 6, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2007 by t southern
Dear all
I'm triying to setup for the boards DEMO56F8013, the JTAG interface AXM-0337 and the CW7.3 using the bdlc_hall_pesl.mcp project.
After installation and first start I got the message from the Windows system tray: CodeWarrior: "parallel port open failed (invalid port number?)" Seems to come from the Parallel Port Init program in the startup folder.
When try to start the debugger I get the message: CCSProtocolPlugin: "Unknown protocol error" and "CCS connect refused"
Could you guys give me some advice?
See too many the same questions on the forums, why CW didn't improve them?
Why CW didn't found the root cause and release some document?