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K60N512 power management

Discussion created by Manuel Morillo on Nov 11, 2011
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My name is Manu and I'm trying to develop a power management in uVision4 for the TWR-K60N512.

I have never used a MCU before, and at this moment I have been able to compile and make work all the examples that I have found.

I have read the book of Jean J. Labrosse "μC/OS-III, the real time Kernel" but I need code examples for uVision4 about how to use the interrupts, timers, etc. Do you know where could I find them?


Another question is that I have read in the "Kinetis Quick Reference User Guide, Rev. 0" that you need to use the WFI instruction.

It's because when the WFI instruction is executed the mode controller will step through the low
power entry state machine making sure all of the modules are ready to enter the low
power mode.


The instruction is                                      asm ("WFI").

But, how to use it with uVision4???


Please, anyone could help me with my project??? It's very important for me.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,


Regards, Manu.