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print debug values

Discussion created by robert makuz on Jul 5, 2006
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i'm a beginner trying to program the motorola 56f8300demo board using codewarrior 7.0 for freescale 56800/e hybrid controllers.
i'm trying to experiment with the demo example applications and i would like to print out the values read back from the e-field sensor of the board.
i only found a way using log messages to achieve this. i put a log eventpoint after the command that reads the e-field value. the problem is that the execution becomes very slow, probably because the printing of the log messages halt the microcontroller. i also tried the data visualization of codewarrior, but it is even slower. is there any other way to do this in a more clever, faster way or this is the usual way to do it?

any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,