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ANN: Pluto Visual Debugger for Assembly programs using Serial Monitor

Discussion created by Eric Engler on Jul 5, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2006 by kenneth wikeroey
I just released version 1.0 of Pluto. Pluto is an open source visual debugger for Windows that works with embedded devices using the AN2548 Serial Monitor.

Pluto integrates well with my open source IDE, AsmIDE, and uses programs that were compiled with the open source as12 assembler.

I'll add support for other debugging options later, like BDM and d-bug12. I'll also look into supporting C language debugging when I have some time.

The 9s12C32 is especially well suited for students and hobbiests because it's a low cost part that has cool boards available that use a DIP form factor, making them great for prototyping. Both Technological Arts and Wytec make these boards, as well as docking boards and other cool stuff. There are other companies who make these parts but I don't know much about their offerings.

Until now this was a difficult chip to use because it uses the Serial Monitor, which doesn't have a text mode interface. Fortunately, Alex Harvey wrote the uBug12 program to let people use a text interface similar to that offered by d-bug12. But it's still more difficult to use text mode debugging in today's world where we rely on nice GUI interfaces, so Pluto fills that gap.

Special thanks go to Alex Harvey of Technological Arts and Wayne Chu of Wytec for their support!

Eric Engler