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Newbie questions...

Discussion created by Geir Hollerud on Jul 4, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2006 by Mark Butcher

I am a newbie when it comes to programming microcontrollers and I have a couple of questions that I hope somebody can answer.

To learn a little, and play to around a bit, I got myself a demoboard for the MC9S12NE64 (The board is the DEMO9S12NE64).

The board is shipped with a version of CodeWarrior. However, I am also interested in trying out using GNU-software for the development.

My first question is then: without using CodeWarrior, how can I load a program into the microcontroller, ie. how can I 'talk to' the SerialMonitor-program to flash my program into memory?

If I get a BDM-programmer, and just skip the SerialMonitor all together, I guess this is one way of doing it. But then I also have a question regarding BDM.

On my demoboard the BDM-connector has 6 pins. However, I have seen another demo-board for a ColdFire-processor where the BDM-connector has many more pins.

How come the two BDM-connectors have different number of pins?

If I buy myself a BDM-programmer (ie. the P&E BDM-multilink) how can I konow it will work with the 6-pin BDM-connector on my board?

Will it work with different BDM-connectors, ie. connectors with different pin-count?

Thanks in advance for any answers.