Flávio Neves Jr.

MC13192 - ZigBee (Problem)

Discussion created by Flávio Neves Jr. on Jul 4, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2006 by William Lang
Is anyone there working with the MC13192??

I have designed a Board with the MC13192 using the MCU MC9S08GB60 and using the CLKo to drive the MCU.

I adapted the SMAC4_1A software (Simple MAC and Demonstration Applications for MC1319x Family) to function on my board, but the software crashes every time I try to do a Tx or Rx operation. (The crash occurs when I assert the RXTXEN pin). When the crash occurs the debug in CodeWarrior looses contact with the board, and I receive the messege "Frequency change to ~0hz"

Someone knows if there is some configuration on the MC13192 that is wrong and could be doing this?
I think the problem may be that, since I'm using the CLKo to drive the MCU, it looses the clock, but I expected it would return after the Transmission was done.