Tu Pham Huynh Cam

Debugger for OSEK turbo application

Discussion created by Tu Pham Huynh Cam on Jul 4, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2006 by CrasyCat
Dear all,
I have installed Code Warrior for HC(S)08 v5.1 and OSEK turbo v2.3. I have built sample for HC08GZ60 which is available after installing OSEK turbo. I have followed steps to build that sample application and generate all necessary files in 3 folders: bin, gen, obj. Especially in bin, I have the executable file "sample.hex" and the link file "sample.map". But till now, I don't know what the "debugger" is. Is it Code Warrior v5.1? I can't find how to use the debugger in Code Warrior v5.1 to execute that OSEK application. Please help me.
Thanks anyway,
Tu Pham.