Liu Nan

a SCI problem of 1321XNSK BDM

Discussion created by Liu Nan on Jul 4, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2006 by Grupo ZigBee
Hi everyone,
  I have a 1321XNSK BDM Network Starter kit in my hand and I am trying to test the fonctions for PAN and UART. My problem is that when I connected the Coordinator and the End Device with USB cables, I could easily exchange datas or files between them by using the hyper terminal software like Tera Term. But when I connected the Coordinator with the cable of RS232, nothing is shown in the hyper terminal window and no data could be exchanged between the Coordinator and the End Device. Even when I press the Reset button in the board of the Coordinator, a pre-programmed message could not be shown neither.
  Could you please give me a hint in order that I could find out a solution. I am looking for your response and thank you so much for your attention.