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JB16 ICP Question

Discussion created by Diego Ismirlian on Jul 3, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2006 by Diego Ismirlian
Hello, I have a question regarding ICP with JB16. According to AN2399, two 470K resistors are needed to pull down D+ and D-. However, according to the disassembly of the monitor code, only pulldown on D+ is needed, and only when the JB16 is blank (enters monitor mode at 0xFE10). If I provide a method to reenter USB ICP, by jumping from my code to address 0xFA19 (as in AN2399), I think the 470K resistor(s) is(are) not needed. Has anyone tested this?.
Also, can I leave the 470K resistor(s) connected if I want to use the USB module in normal operation (user mode)?
I appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot!