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A few questions before new project with MCF52233

Discussion created by Robert Gaftel on Jul 1, 2006
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I am a newbie regarding Coldfire. I have to start a new project. I found 5 different µp (from different brands) able to make the job, and I am most interested with the MCF52233 model, which seems to be the best for my requirement. I read several times its pdf files and I think I got already the answers, however in order to be 100% sure, could you please confirm these points:

1 - I know almost nothing actually regarding ethernet (I will learn soon), but it seems the MCF52233 is one of the best µp for this. I guess you will agree for that point ?

2 - I read that division instruction (divu) is not available on all v2 coldfire µp, but it seems to be available on MCF52233. Is divu effectively available on MCF52233 ?

3 - I would like to use 2 uarts at 250Kb speed (with dma). I read dma is ok for uarts (good). And I calculated I have to use a quartz of 56MHz to get 250Kb (to get the fastest authorized µp clock). Is it right ?

4 - the real-time clock stores the day number into a 16bits register, and it does not store month and year. Is it possible to calculate weekday, month and year from this 16bits register ?

5 - is it possible to add a serial (spi) flash ram ?

Thank you in advance.