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New Tower, OSJTAG device driver installation problems.

Discussion created by John Babrick on Oct 25, 2011
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I just got a new TWR-MCF51CN system and am following the instructions in the "CW for Microcontrollers v10.1 and MQX 3.7" supplied by Freescale. I am getting stuck on getting the device drivers for the OSJTAG installed.


I am running Windows XP and fresh installs of CW and MQX 3.7.


I have gone through the instructions, built the libraries and have built the Hello World program - found in C:\Program Files\Freescale\Freescale MQX3.7\mqx\examples\hello\cw10\hello_twrmcf51cn. It built without errors, however, the dialog box showed up indicating that the remote system was missing - the OSBDM/OSJTAG, but the instructions say to continue on. I connect the USB cable to the TWR and the PC - the instructions say that Windows is supposed to detect the new USB device - but it does not. I check the Windows Device Manager and the "PEMicro USB Serial Port" is missing, but the Jungo Windriver is there. The LibUSB-Win32 Devices/Open Source BDM - Debug Port is there, however. When I attempt to debug the program, I get to the debug perpesctive and then a dialog box shows up - "P&E Connection Assistant" - indicating that an error occurred when connecting to the target - there is no PEOSJTAG launch configuration. I appear to be missing the correct drivers to run the target. 


Can anyone tell me how to get the correct drivers installed? I have tried uninstalling and re-installing drivers in the Device manager.