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Design Consideration for MMA7260

Discussion created by Vigneshwar Baliga on Jun 30, 2006
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Hi All,

      I am new to Accelerometer. Just got my Sample piece (MMA7260), thanks to Freescale!

      Since I am familiar with 8051 architecture, I am planning to build a sample/evaluation circuit with 8051. I have some queries related to ADC.

      Do I need to consider the Impedance matching, if yes what is the value of MMA7260.

      What should be my sample frequency? That is, should it be “N” times the “Internal Sampling Freq(11KHz)” or the Band width (Z-150Hz, X,Y-350Hz) ?

       …and any other thing I need to consider while designing ?

                 Thanks in Advance,

                  Vignesh Baliga