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Erase flash memory in 3 blocks.

Discussion created by hervé daniel on Jun 29, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2006 by hervé daniel
I had to erase and program flash memory in 3 blocks.
I use an 9s12DP256 with code warrior 3.1 in C.
I begin with HCS12 and never use a controler with more than 4K of flash.

I read the AN 2720 and make a program. I can erase flash in four paged memory of the same block.
tested on one sector at @0x3CD000,@0x3DD000,@0x3ED000,@0x3FD000 .

What we have to do to tune the code of AN2720 to access at the adress @0x30D000, @0x31D000...

someone have done this?

Thanks for the help.