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Tower MQX Webserver - dynamic pages not working on Android tablet

Discussion created by Bogdan Deaky on Oct 4, 2011
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  I am working on a http server implementation for the Tower System.

  You can see the current progress at (while my tower is powered).

  Everything works well when viewing the page from a laptop/PC (IE, FF etc.)

  However, I was very dissapointed to notice that the dynamic information is not updated (not even displayed) on my Android tablet (2.2 Allview Alldro). This happens for all dynamic info on all pages (nevermind the Google gauges on that page).


  I tracked the cause back to the links to cgi functions.

  As you know, they are defined in the cgi table, not as standalone files.

  While I can access, from my laptop, the link, on my tablet it sais "web page not available" - message box "the server failed to comunicate". I also tried with an older Symbian OS phone - that one only said "malformed data" - this is important only to show that it can access the URL.


  The question is: why can't the Android browser access the and other .cgi links? Is it not served to it by the Tower server?

   Or - I am thinking this because of the Symbian OS message - maybe it serves the content just as programmed (data\ndata\ndata\n) and this is not enough - do we could fix this at the "served content" level.


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