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D4D flow numbers

Discussion created by bigtuna bigtuna on Sep 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2011 by metin genc

Hallo, i'm working on TWR-LCD and developing with CW6.3 using D4D libraries, in C code.

I need to show a simple label with a long number as this:

SPEED= 123.34

In the D4D GUI use guide, and looking in some demo i have found this API:

#        D4D_SprintDecU8(Byte val, char *pText, char fill);

and other similar.

In my code i have wrote:


Byte tmp;   

long value;   

value =123.34;   

tmp = D4D_SprintDecS32((sLWord)value, &speedy[0], (char) 0);    speedy[tmp] = 0; 


speedy was declared before. 


After this i can read only "123", so i guess that i can't show long numbers, but just integer. 

Is that real? How Can I print flow numbers on screen?

Thank you very much.