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Re: Problem programming Nitron 68hc908qt4

Discussion created by sam wehbi on Jun 27, 2006
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Hi there

I had post previously about my problem programming Nitron 68hc908qt4, and a Bigmac tried to help me out(thank you so much tacking time for me).
But now, I was trying program the flash memory with no success with the code in the application AN2305 to program the new Mon08.( I am getting an error after erasing the entire flash memory, error 48, and after that I am note able anymore to program the flash with any code...... )

I used an external programmer to enter the normal monitor mode, I branch it to the 16 pin header( because I need Vtst, and external Xtal)..

I don't know what to do now...
Any idea will help me I appreciate ....
Thank you so much.


BigMac answer:/*
The problem you are experiencing is probably due to a bug in the user monitor. This is covered in some detail within Engineering Bulletin EB615.

The error is associated with the user monitor CONFIG1 setting, and once it has occurred, unfortunately the user monitor (a corrected version) must be re-programmed, after erasing the entire flash memory.