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MC9S08GT60 communicate with 8-bit parallel device in 6800-mode (write/read)

Discussion created by Bambang Priyanto on Jun 27, 2006
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I want to use one port of MC9S08GT60 as 8-bit bidirectional port (PortB) to communicate with the device (LCD Driver) for write and read operations. In the past, I usually had one port dedicated only for input port or output port but not both for write/read operations. According to the device spec, the LCD Driver has 6800-mode for write/read operations (RD/WR and E signals). I use the other GPIO pins for handshaking signals (RD/WR, E, chip select and so on). I followed the required timing diagrams from the device spec, but so far, the device still does not respond to any write or read operations from my code. Any inputs or suggestions would be really appreciated.