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PowerQUICC II Pro MPC8349E-MDS Linux BSP Anyone?

Discussion created by David Hawkins on Jun 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2006 by David Hawkins
Hi all, I just submitted the following to support, and their automated response suggested to also ask the question here ... so here goes: I have tried on numerous occassions to download the 8349E-MDS BSP CD-ROM ISO (from the Code Warrior Linux BSPs page), CWB-MPC8349E-MDS-LTIB, however the download takes many hours (on a fast T1 connection!), and when complete the ISO image is partially corrupted (or download fails, as it has several times this morning). I've mounted the downloaded ISO on the loopback device under Linux and each time during the BSP install procedure, install fails with a complaint about an Input/Output error (I used the loopback, just to confirm this wasn't a CD burner issue). I need to start working with this board ASAP, and need to update the U-Boot version and kernel versions so that I have source that I can then build and link test programs and device drivers with. If anyone reading the forum has successfully downloaded a copy of the ISO, can you please put it on an FTP site (temporarily anyway), so that I can try downloading the image with a more reliable tool than a browser. Thanks! Dave