Michael Hope

Features of the HCS12 C++ compiler?

Discussion created by Michael Hope on Jun 25, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2007 by Wolfram Stering
I'm interested in using the C++ compiler in the HCS12 version of CodeWarrior. Could anyone point me at a copy of the manual? The website and special editon both stop at the C compiler manual.

I've asked support but they're a bit busy at the moment. I'm interested in the level of support, such as:

* Is it just Embedded C++?
* Does it have namespaces?
* Does it have templates?
* Does it have the new style cast operators such as static_cast?
* Does it have multiple inheritance?

Namespaces make the code more maintainable. New style casts make the language more specific and therefore safer. Templates, in moderation, can get rid of a lot of unsafe casts.