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New to s records

Discussion created by Rich Bair on Jun 24, 2006
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I'm working on my first freescale embedded project.  I'm writing my makefile for my project and I noticed that the linker.exe can output a s record directly of several different formats.  I'm  using the makefile approach (reference (CodeWarrior_Examples)\HC12\Makefile_Projects) as I find you can really control the build process all build switches, etc.  I'm not a GUI hater just more comfortable with CLI!  Now being only familiar with intel hex files and programming parts into EPROM or flash with that file format only I have some questions:
1) Which s record format should I use and why.  I actually have two different projects one using MC9S12E64 and 'E128.  So do I pick the s record size based on how much code space there could potentially be in that size part (different numberof bytes in address field of s record).  How does one go about this?
2) Do I really need a *.s19 file?  I find it a bit confusing that linker.exe creates s records and then burner.exe can create *.s19 files and connect directly to a programmer.  I plan to use the USB MULTILINK BDM to debug and program during development as that's what has been provided.  I want my makefile to "do it all" except for connecting to the board to flash the part.  I'd like to create the file that you'd actaully use a utility like burner or other to flash the part during the make process.
3) In the production environment (say 100 / day) what's a good way to program the final assembly?  I noticed the cyclone option was a standalong programmer.  What are some suggestions?
Clarification would be much appreciated to this s record newbie!