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Discussion created by moh kok on Jun 23, 2006
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 I have a critical problem in code warrior, that's I want to combine two
projects to be one project.

the first project is written with mixed c & asm and it's the main
program to be burnt on the MCU (mc9s12ne64).

the second project is written in C only, and it includes TCP/IP

Now we want to add TCP/IP function to the main program..i.e second project to be a part of the first project, but the problem we faced is :
The files and Link order in the project window inside the project file (.mcp) of each project are different. i.e some files needed by second project is not in the files of first project. so we were obliged to add them manually by right click and selecting crate groups and add files. but we found that some
files (like MC9S12NE64.c) have the same name in each project, but not the same content! so what to do?

Is there some civilzed way to combine two projects?