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Loading application to flash on a K20 for the first time

Discussion created by Patrick Yam on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2013 by chiasyan

I have developed an application on the K60 tower with the intention to run it on a custom PCB with a K20.


We got the PCB in, but IAR Workbench cannot communicate with the K20 when I am trying to load the firmware into the new microcontroller. We have laid out the 20-pin Cortex Debug connector identical to the K60 Tower board.


Are there some other considerations for programing a new uninitialized part for the first time?


Some things we are seeing:


  • The crystal on XTAL / EXTAL is not yet running
  • The Reset line on the K20 is toggling periodically (presumably the internal clock is running)
  • There is continuity between the JTAG connector and all required pins
  • Using IAR Workbench with a PEMicro USB Multilink

Thanks, Patrick