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HCS08QG4 internal clock, trimming and rs232 problems !!!!

Discussion created by User Mar on Jun 22, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2006 by David Payne

I am starting to work with HC08SQG4.

I am working with CW5 + Indart tool with DataBlaze programmer.

The micro must work with internal clock (ICS) - external expensive for this application! 

I configured the Serial Port (SCI register ) to communicate with these params: 19200baud, 8bit, no parity, 1 stop bit.

I check Rx/Tx with Teraterm.

I trim not the internal clock, I initialize the registers with the freescale factory value stored in flash, as found in application notes.

If I connect the micro through the debugger, it's all OK: tx and rx are perfetct !!!

If I upload the program through datablaze, I send and receive a lot wrong characters.

In "communication settings of MCU" of the Debugger , I find 16000000 as Bus frequency.

The same I find in datablaze !

These are default settings of tool for this micro, I believe.

But If I set this param in datablaze to 18000000, and change the serial port settings of PC (teraterm) to 14400 (the micro tx/rx is set stll to 19600 !!!!!), communication is perfect !!!!

In programmer tab, when I need to check the IGS trimming box?

It' no so clear, the triiming procedure (code, debugger, programmer).

Can You help me ?

I think, that datablaze and debugger have not the same trimming behavior.

Which is a asimple workaround for this problem ????

Thank You