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USBTap install problems despite applying patch

Discussion created by Ken Macfarlane on Jun 21, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2006 by Ken Macfarlane

I'm on the same path as gtg929p in msg 1392, but for a 56800 DSP (568356 to be precise). I've done as CrazyCat suggested, changing  the file

{CW Install path}\ccs\bin\ccs.cfg
from  "config cc Parallel:1" to "config cc utap"
but I still get CCS Protocol plug in: CCS Core not responding, even after a reboot.

I've installed USBTap driver from a Codewarrior sub directory, and the green led is flashing, so it seems to be happy enough. The Jtag interface previously worked with a McGraigor systems Wiggler.

I have also installed the USB patch for CW v7.3 as suggested in msg 1139, and changed ccs.cfg from

 "config cc Parallel:1" to "config cc utap" again

Now I get “USB Open failure”…

The USBtap is brand new, from EBV & says its a RevA on the underside.