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Support for Bonjour

Discussion created by Kevin Conley on Sep 8, 2011
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I am using the Tower twrk60n512.

I would like to make a device that can be found on the network using Bonjour or "ZeroConfig".  Searching the freescale web site for Bonjour, I get one hit that has a file FTF11_con_F0100.pdf. This file mentions Bonjour like if could be already supported on the platform. I have not found any examples of Bonjour in the sample code.


Does anyone have information if the device already supports Bonjour or if there are any examples how to implement on the freescale processor?


I have started to port the Bonjour code found on the Apple web site. It seems to be a very large task to modify the Apple code for the freescale processor.


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