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32 files??

Question asked by saar wexler on Jun 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2006 by Tom Thompson
hello I bought two M68EVB08GB60 evaluation board for the HCS08gb60 and two  mc13192 rf daughter card , with this kit i got the codewarrior 3.0 special edition ,  the 802.15.4 MAC protocol stack can't work with this edition becouse it says that the IDE is too old , well I have downloaded the 5.1 edition from your site and got my special edition license, but my sarrow didn't over yet now the compiler don't want to compile even the sample project its says somthing about maximum of 32 files and even when i try to remove some files its says no more then 60k does that possible that I just bought this expensive hardware developing kit and I can't work??? what m I suppose to do
Saar Wexler, FABcom LTD/