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monitor mode in hc908qb8

Discussion created by marco secondini on Jun 19, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2006 by David Payne
hi everybody!
i wrote some days ago but i've received no response, so i decided to write a new message.
i'm working with the MC33794, a board with an e-field sensor, controlled by a HC908QB8.
i've programmed it with a simple code that take a voltage value from the pin LEVEL, convert it in a digital value and send it to a PC using serial communication.
the program run in full simulation mode and seems to be all right, but when i try to switch to user mode nothing happens.
the board has an integrated switch for monitor/user mode, but it seems not to work.
i asked my university professor but he doesn't know how to help me.

if you can, please write all the ideas you have about it...

if you know a freescale member who can help me, please tell me how i can contact him.

sorry for my bad english... thanks for you attention