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Need schematic to build JTAG debug/programmer for 56F83xx

Question asked by HAI VU on Jun 19, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2006 by HAI VU
Hi all of you guys!
I'm newbie on this board,need some helps from you.
I intend to study Motorolar DSC because of many advantages and performances.
I had experience of programming Microchip 30F family DSC before ,though.However Motorolar DSC is quite new to me
I dig around Freescale website and found some schematics but still having a little bit confuse when chosing a JTAG/programmer for 56F83xx
So someone  built a JTAG debug/programmer already  could give me helpful advices and reduce the time to build it
Anyone could suggest schematic for building a JTAG/ programmer for 56F83xx will be very appriciated
Moreover,Some instructions of how to connect it with Code Warrior?