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68k compatibility

Discussion created by Gunnar von Boehn on Jun 18, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2006 by David E Seymour
Can someone please help us to understand the status
the code compatibility between 68k and Coldfire.

As far as I understand running of legacy 68k code on earlier coldfire version (v2) is not possible as the V2 did not trap out on unimplemented addressing modes.

I think since coldfire v3 its possible to use the CK68KLib (68K Emulation library)

I have been told that 100 percent backward software compatibility would not possible as some command as division would not generate the same flags and would not trap out?

Is this true or is it possible to ensure that existing 68k legacy applications (where we do not have the source) will run on Coldfire?

Is someone using this library and can share his experience?

Are there other tools available?
Would it be possible to use the library or another tool to just in time recompile an 68k executable to pure Coldfire code?

Many thanks advance